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University education is an expensive affair and more often than not, students require some form of financial aid in order to pursue their studies. Apart from the tuition fees, living costs, travelling, personal expenses, etc. constitute an important part of pursuing First Degree education abroad. So, a large number of universities, government and private organizations, financial institutions, etc., offer scholarships for International students to cover full or partial expenses. Organizations evaluate applicants based on their previous record in terms of academic qualifications, achievements, and extracurricular activities among a host of other criteria.

SAT/ACT scholarship is offered to both Domestic and International Senior High School students in the form of the ‘College Board Scholars Program’. The College Board Scholars Program was initiated to offer SAT/ACT scholarship for students who are meritorious but have financial scarcity. Test-takers with an SAT score higher than 1300 out of 1600 or ACT score higher than 23 out 36 alongside a family income not meeting a specific benchmark receive 100% SAT/ACT exam scholarship to pursue education at some of the renowned universities especially in USA, Canada and other few countries. At Worldwide Education and Scholarship, our students get those scores with ease due to world best tutors we have in teaching students on the ACT/SAT which is not theoretical based rather couple with consistent exercise, group discussions, quizzes and practice test during and after every class session. The College Board has merged with numerous universities that would utilize the SAT/ACT score to get scholarships for talented candidates. Scholarships for the Senior High School graduate with an ambition to pursue their first degree abroad depends solely on the SAT/ACT score coupled with SHS Transcripts, diversity essays obtained by the candidates. SAT/ACT scholarship for students also offers full Scholarship coverage to students scoring higher than 1300 or 23 on the ACT. They can either waive full or partial tuition fees with the help of the SAT/ACT guaranteed scholarship. The only criteria to obtain SAT/ACT exam scholarship is to be meritorious and low family income. Thus, offers opportunities to the topmost universities like MIT, Cambridge, Columbia, and McGill. The SAT score for scholarship in USA is around 1350, though the competition is very high.


The undergraduate scholarship exist for Senior High School students both those in their final year or those who have graduated from Senor High School and have the vision to pursue their first degree in USA, Canada or any other countries that accept SAT/ACT for scholarship criteria. When it comes to finding college scholarships, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming. At Worldwide Education and Scholarship, our students gets those scores with ease due to excellent tutors we have in teaching students on the ACT/SAT which is not theoretical based rather couple with consistent exercise, group discussions, quizzes and practice test during and after every class session. In addition, you are guided through every foreign school selection processes you may choose via guidance and counselling in order to obtain Aid with ease. Just get in touch. Before you can begin in earnest to research scholarships for international students, you should know that some scholarships have minimum standards required of all applicants. For many scholarships, you are required to prove your proficiency in English as a prerequisite. This could be through an English Language Proficiency Test such as TOEFL or IELTS, or sometimes through SAT/ACT scores together with Senior High School Certificate or Transcript, college essays among others. Some scholarships also require that you provide proof of financial ability to pay for the remainder of your education. For these scholarships, a set amount of financial resources must be available in order to show that you will be able to complete the education that the scholarship is helping to fund. A high SAT/ACT score makes a candidate eligible for automatic Scholarships. SAT/ACT scores for the scholarship have different types: university scholarships, financial scholarships, merit scholarships, government-funded scholarships, privately funded scholarships, and part scholarships. YOUR JOURNEY TO A BETTER FUTURE STARTS HERE! AT WORLDWIDE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP CENTER. GET A FREE CONSULTATION. You can visit our premises for more scholarship orientation and assistance for all senior High School students.