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Work abroad as a nurse


Many reasons come to mind; you can advance your career, gain a variety of clinical experiences, make a higher salary and, fulfill your travel desires, to name a few. If you’re interested in benefitting from a truly working abroad as NURSE, then get in touch to start your IELTS classes with quality professional to help you pass once. If you have successfully completed a recognized education program, including minimum general and professional hours; are fluent in English; and have a minimum of 12 months’ experience in a clinical setting, your skills could be in great demand in the United States, Canada, UK among others.  Countries like USA, CANADA; every state or province has their requirement for international nurses. The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) is a body in charge of international recruitment in Verifying credentials of international Nurses.

Thus, all nurses must also have their IELTS Passed once in which WORLDWIDE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP CENTER assist in providing quality teaching on the IELTS; couple with IELTS quizzes, IELTS exercises, and IELTS practice test before and after every class session of the IELTS. Being the IELTS Academics, IELTS General or IELTS life skills A1 OR B1 to help all Nurses passed once. If you are interested in benefitting from a truly working abroad as NURSE, then get in touch with WORLDWIDE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP CENTER FOR ASSISTANCE.

Many countries such as UK, CANADA, and USA are experiencing an acute shortage of qualified experienced nurses. This has resulted in an excellent opportunity for internationally educated nurses to move overseas either temporarily for a year or two, or to immigrate permanently. Thus, YOUR JOURNEY TO A BETTER FUTURE STARTS HERE! AT WORLDWIDE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP CENTER. GET A FREE CONSULTATION. You can visit our premises for more orientation and assistance by registering with us.